DUI Defense

If you received a traffic ticket or have been arrested for DUI, we are always available to protect your rights. We will make the appearances on the court for you so you can save your time, money and energy. We will keep you posted on your case progress. We will represent you with compassion and tenacity. We help you achieve positive results so you can return to your everyday life as quickly as possible.

If you get a ticket, you should know the following details:

  • You have much better alternatives
  • Do not fight with a police or a prosecutor about a point
  • Asking the help of an attorney is minimal compared to the consequences of being found guilty.
  • Do not believe you can “talk your way out of it” in Court without representation.
  • There are mandatory driver responsibility fees($200-1000 a year for 2 years) assessed for any conviction

Here are the services we offer to our clients:

  • Speeding Ticket
  • Failure To Signal
  • No Passing Zone Ticket    
  • Improper U-Turn Ticket    
  • Not Paying a Ticket    
  • Illegal Lane Change    
  • Driving Without Valid Car
  • Using Cellphone While Driving
  • Driving The Wrong Way Down Ticket    
  • Driving with Suspended License    
  • Hit and Run Accident Ticket
  • Driving with Cancelled License    
  • Driving with Revoked License    
  • Disobeyed Traffic Control Device
  • Reckless Driving Accident Ticket
  • Failure to Yield Auto Collision    
  • Tailgating / Following Too Closely Ticket
  • Under the influence of Drugs while Driving    
  • Driving Without Proof of a Valid License

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